Practice Kaizen- The Japanese Version of Self-Improvement!


Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Helen Keller said, “There is no such thing as security in this world.” But my Granddaddy told me to question everything. So if some kind of security does exist, what would it be? Hmm… If security ever existed, then I think it might have been ironically in the post WWII Japan.

After WWII, the Japanese were living in a war-torn country where even the new guy in charge, General MacArthur, couldn’t count on being able to make a phone call when necessary. Obviously security was lacking there!

The solution to the problems came in the form of Kaizen.

This new Kaizen way of life for the Japanese was going to be a new way of thinking, behaving, and even the breathing of a higher quality of life by making little constant improvements every day in everything they did. And guess what? It worked!

It worked so well that this tiny war-torn island eventually took on the super power of the United States again, but this time not on the battlefield but in the automobile factories. By the 1980’s the American Ford Motor Company, knew they were beat, not just by Japan but by other U.S. Automakers too. Thus, Ford hired Japan to come over to the U.S. and help set up our own Kaizen system in the Ford factories. And you know what? It worked! Within a very short time Ford had regained its top position among U.S. automakers.

Imagine that… If a tiny war-torn island-country where you couldn’t even make a phone call after WWII can go from the student to the teacher of a powerhouse like the United States, and Ford can regain its market position in the 1980’s, then what is possible for you if you practice Kaizen every day? Hmm… Makes you wonder about your true potential, doesn’t it?



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