Old Friends from the Past!


Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Buddha, and Mohammad are just a small sampling of my old friends from the past

What do all of these old friends from the past mentioned above have in common? Well, they are all high-quality, successful people who can teach us something very valuable! And what else do they have in common? They’re all dead! Remember, nobody lives forever… So don’t you dare fall victim to that crazy whine that I hear coming out of some teens’ mouths when we’re talking about our past Greats, “Uh… Man… Those are just a bunch of old dead people!”

I’m sure you’ve heard this nonsense spewing from the mouths of a few of your classmates from time to time when your teacher was trying to share lessons about these old friends from the past! Don’t follow your classmates’ ordinary path. Step up above and beyond the white noise of some of your friends and classmates, and blaze your own extraordinary path to success and happiness!

Thankfully, time has carefully wrapped up the lessons of these old friends from the past and packaged them for us in all those neatly stacked isles of books in your free local public library. Time has also managed to educate our teachers about these past Greats or old friends from the past. Time has also given your teachers the patience and skill to pass this wisdom on to you and your classmates. Don’t you dare be one of those ungrateful students who seem less than eager to receive this priceless gift of wisdom!


  1. What success and leadership principles can you identify in this newsletter?
  2. What will you do over the next week to implement one of these success and leadership principles?

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