Live Now and Learn Always!


Are you ready for the rocking chair test?

“What’s that?” you ask. It’s a crucial test that many of us will take some day. But, sadly, though, nobody has really told us about this life-changing moment or prepared us for it.

Well, here it is… When we’re ninety-years-old and sitting in our rocking chair on that creaky old porch watching the sunset and taking the measure of our lives, most of us are going to have more regrets about the things we didn’t do in life over the stupid things that we did do… That’s the test, the test of how many regrets we will have from not living life to its fullest.

Bottom line: We have to stop being afraid. We have to start living our lives now! I mean right now!!! Let’s not wait until we’re ninety-years-old to start living! Let’s look at this another way. What if on the way home tonight another driver crosses over that yellow line? Have we already done all that we needed to do? Did we matter? Do our loved ones know that they are cherished and loved? Have we told them?  If not, then what are we waiting for?

So how do we start living right now? Well, surprisingly by becoming a life-long learner. Being a life-long learner will keep us young, exciting, and fresh. Every day we should learn something new. We can learn a new language, pick up a hobby, join a new social group, go back to school or even just spend a day with a child and learn to dream again like how we used to when we were younger. Doing these sort of things will help us live a vigorous life, and don’t we deserve at least that much out of life?



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