You Don’t Have To Start Off As An Expert!


Dan Blanchard bestselling author, award-winning speaker, and educator

If we all waited until we were experts at walking before we attempted to walk we would probably still be crawling like babies. Consequently, if we all still crawled like babies we would most likely be unable to stand up and above it all. And we would be unable to see clearly to the horizons of our human potential. In addition, if we stayed on all fours we would have had less of a need to develop the opposable thumbs on our hands that have allowed us to manipulate objects, build tools, and eventually usher in the technology age that we all live in today.

Now, aren’t you glad that our ancestors didn’t wait until they were experts to try to walk? Aren’t you glad that our early ancestors didn’t listen to the naysayers who said walking upright on two legs couldn’t be done? Aren’t you glad that our early ancestors deflected the arrows of insults and the stings of criticisms, and kept trying even after falling and failing? Aren’t you glad that you didn’t give up as a baby after your first few failed attempts at standing upright? You see, that’s how us humans operate. First, we crawl, then we walk, and then we run… And at no point do we have to be an expert in order to just start. So go ahead and take a chance. Be brave! Take on that new challenge and you may just find a new and improved version of yourself.



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