Winning Is Easier Than Losing!


Dan Blanchard bestselling author, award-winning speaker, and educator and TV host.

I know this “winning is easier than losing” thing may not seem true to most of us, especially if we’re struggling with something right now in our lives. I want you to know that I hear you and understand your concerns and doubts. I can certainly think of a few times when winning didn’t seem easier than losing.

For instance, I remember when I was a high school wrestler, competing at the Junior Olympics and my opponent was choking the life out of me. At that moment it didn’t feel like winning was going to be easier than losing. As a matter of fact, putting my shoulders down on that mat to stop the pain would have been easier than the monumental effort it took to stay conscious and win that match.

I bet every one of you can also come up with your own story of when winning didn’t seem easier than losing. However, in contrast, I’m going to make this bold proclamation again and shout it out loud from the top of the wrestlers’ awards podium, “WINNING IS EASIER THAN LOSING!”

Let’s look at this from another angle. What happens when we try something new, and we’re not very good at it? Well, we waste a lot of physical, mental, and emotional energy for tiny results and many times no results. Losing is painful! What happens when we’re really good at something? Well, often we easily and efficiently cruise great distances to victory. That’s better.

So if losing waste more energy than winning, then wouldn’t it make sense that winning takes less energy than losing? And if winning takes less energy than losing, then wouldn’t it also make sense that winning is easier than losing?  Ah… Now you’re getting it! Congratulations! Winning is easier than losing!




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