Practice C.A.N.D.I. !


Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

How did I get here, I wondered. And would any of my old friends recognize me if they could see me now? Heck, I wondered a little bit if I’d recognize myself. What if I could have an out-of body experience causing me to float up and view my presence through a bird’s eye-view from way up there in one of those stadium seats? What would I think of myself? Would I even recognize myself?

I just couldn’t get it out of my head… How did I get here?

C.A.N.D.I. Constant And Never-ending Deliberate Improvement is the answer. C.A.N.D.I. is how I arrived here on the biggest stage of wrestling in my home state. By constantly and deliberately improving a little bit more everyday, I was able to travel a great distance in the wrestling world, that just a few years earlier had seemed impossible. I deliberately and always did a little bit more than was expected of me. And deliberately and always directed this little bit of “extra” toward getting better in my chosen sport of wrestling. And it had paid off! And doing these sort of things can pay of for you too, if you just make the decision to do it!

Yup… By doing the little consistent things that great wrestlers do, like working out at a dizzying pace, never missing a practice or an opportunity to do a little “extra,” and not eating candy, while simultaneously practicing my own C.A.N.D.I., transformed me into a well-tuned, defined, winning machine.


dan blanchard award winning author, speaker and teacher   Keep your eyes open for the mini-series of tv interviews Dan will be doing with Nutmeg Television on Journeys with Jeff after the New Year!




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