We Already Know What to Do!


I can’t help but think of how many times one of my students or even my own children have said, “I know. I know. You don’t have to tell me again because I already know.” And at that point I usually find myself replying back with something equally trite and useless like, “Well then, why aren’t you doing it?” Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so…

You know what? They’re right. They do know what to do. Most of us do know what to do. So then why aren’t more of us doing it? Why is there such a big knowing and doing gap? Why is the gap so big and obvious that a couple of college professors have written a book about it?

Well, a lot of our problems come down to just plain human nature of laziness and indifference. We have to fight our human nature and not let our common enemy of good enough stop us from succeeding.

One way to do this is through the pain and pleasure principle. We have to stop letting the thought of pain and pleasure control us. We need to stand up to this powerful duel and make this psychological force of pain and pleasure work for us rather than against us.

We have to stop worrying about the pain that might be associated with taking a new path. Instead, we have to learn to associate painfulness to a life of good enough where people are always telling us what to do and then, in self-defense we fire back that we already know what to do. Also, we need to train our brain to feel pleasure with taking charge of our lives, doing what we should, and creating our own destiny!



  1. What success and leadership principles can you identify in this newsletter?
  2. What will you do over the next week to implement one of these success and leadership principles?

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