Old Friends From The Past!


Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

“What did Thomas Jefferson teach us?” I ask my students.


“Okay,” I say. “What did Teddy Roosevelt teach us?”

Silence again.

Hmm… I think as I am standing all-alone up there in front of the class.

“Okay… What did FDR teach us?” I ask.

“Ah… Come on mister… These are a bunch of old dead guys,” someone yells from the back of the room.

I shake it off and continue. “Well then, how about your friend Hitler? What did he teach you?”

“Hitler!” several students echo!

“Good! I have your attention now!” Next, I rapidly spit out, “Didn’t Hitler teach you that no form of HATE should be tolerated? Didn’t he show you how bad racism can really be? Didn’t he teach you that absolute power absolutely corrupts?”

The students are stunned into obedience as their heads move up and down. The silence of the classroom is deafening under the weight of my demands. I have them exactly where I want them! Moments like this are the fuel that get us teachers out of bed and in front of a class full of teenagers everyday.

“Class!” I holler leaning toward them.

“Yes Sir!” They obediently answer back under my Hitleresque spell.

“If the unlikable Hitler taught you these things about hate, racism, and power when you weren’t even trying to learn, just imagine what Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and a whole cast of others, who are likable, could teach you if you just gave them a chance…” I implore.



dan blanchard award winning author, speaker and teacher  Dan’s speaking tour for the American Federation of Teachers is already getting rave reviews. Keep you eyes and ears open for the next speaking even coming soon to your area!

Congratulataions to the Junior Leaders of the Camp Courant, REAL MAN Program and HOPE Foundation! Them and their hard work are going to change the world some for the better someday!

*The difference between two youths today and the same two youths in 10 years from now will be the books they read and the people they talked to!