Nothing Can Replace Doing The Work!


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It’s in doing the work over and over again that we eventually become so familiar with a particular task that we no longer have to focus 100% of our energy on it anymore. Once we get to this point, we can now look at our work in new ways. Looking at things in new ways will help our creative genius to come to the surface finally.

Beware though; the chances are that our creative genius will most likely stay buried just beneath the surface until we have done enough work to create the environment for our new inventive life to hatch. Think of it this way, all our hard work and all of those long hours can are as an incubator for our creative genius. If we continually feed the incubator our work ethic and carefully caress the perfect birthing conditions, then I guarantee you that our creative genius will hatch and then eventually reward us.

For example, in his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell shares Bill Gates’ secret on how he spent countless hours in middle school and then high school working with computers. Now, I think we all know how Bill Gates’ hard work and long hours around computers has turned out. It’s now a $50 billion empire!

I challenge anyone of you to show me one person that made it big on their own who didn’t put in the long hours and a whole lot of hard work; most likely, 10,000 hours of hard work. Come to think of it; I can save you a whole lot of hours and a whole lot of energy right now by just telling you that that person doesn’t exist. Period! Bottom line: nothing can replace doing the work.



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