Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker, and educator

Study? Yes! Study! Believe it or not, that’s how you get ahead in life. Think about this for a moment. Most people are not eager to study or do homework. Us humans, sitting there comfortably on the top of the food chain tend to struggle with doing extra things like studying or doing homework. If we carefully consider this simple truth that so few people want to go the extra mile, then doesn’t it just make sense that going the extra mile is precisely what we want to do to get ahead of our competition?

Now I hear you. I was once a teen, and I know some of you find this extra studying and extra homework so foreign that you can’t quite get your head around it yet. Some of you think that it’s crazy to assign yourself additional work beyond everything else that you already do. Well, my answer to that is… EXACTLY!

You are exactly, right! It is crazy! And that is why this is such a powerful secret weapon of successful people. This tactic of doing extra is so potent and effective because so few are willing to do it. Sadly, because this is so rare, some can’t even think of it. And since this concept of doing extra is so far off the main path, we now have a golden opportunity to tap into a resource that others aren’t even aware of. We can get ourselves a massive advantage if we just do extra. Come on… if we want our lives to be something different than what it presently is, then don’t we have to start thinking and acting differently than we currently are?


  1. What success and leadership principles can you identify in this newsletter?
  2. What will you do over the next week to implement one of these success and leadership principles?

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*The difference between two teens today and ten years from today will be the books they read and the people they talked to!

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