Teach to Learn!


To get really good at something you have to teach it. Boy, if that’s not true, then I don’t know what is… Many years ago I was lucky enough to accidentally stumble upon this truth and secret of success when I became a high school wrestling coach.

As a new coach, I was a bit dumbfounded sometimes about why my wrestlers couldn’t just go out there and win like I used to. I eventually realized that a lot of moves that I could successfully accomplish by just feeling when it was right to hit it, were extremely difficult to teach to my young wrestlers. But, you want to know something? These difficulties didn’t stop me from trying to better my wrestlers’ skills and knowledge. And the more and more I wanted to teach them to wrestle correctly, the more and more I found that they were learning, and I was too… “Wow…” I thought.

This was a tremendous discovery for me. I could actually learn more about wrestling by teaching others about wrestling! This was a win-win for both my wrestlers and myself. Then it dawned on me that if this works in wrestling then maybe it would work in other arenas of life too…

Guess what? It has worked! Since those days of coaching wrestling, I have also become a teacher. And over the years I have learned more than I could ever have dreamed of on this path of teaching to learn.

So, in a nutshell, we’re basically helping ourselves every time we help others… We learn by teaching… Hmm… I bet you we could take this to the next level and get more out of life by giving more to life!



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