One’s Outlook Determines One’s Outcome!


Sadly, sometimes in life, it feels like we are running fast and scared. Hence, when we look at the world, sometimes it seems like a very competitive place that isn’t always very nice.

The problem with running fast and scared is that to some degree through our own false perceptions, we are creating and reinforcing a less-than-perfect present reality and troubled future. Remember, we usually can’t score the winning goal on defense. We have to get that ball and make an offensive charge if we want to score and win in this game called “Life.”

So let’s turn over a new positive offensive leaf. Let’s try something different. Let’s continue to run fast, but not scared anymore. With undaunted courage and a cornucopia of positivity, let’s fearlessly run. As a matter of fact, let’s run as fast and as bold as we can right toward all of the great opportunities out there that are in this great big world.

We can’t let tiny obstacles get in our way anymore. With a positive outlook, we’ll find that there are BIG opportunities and this world really is a beautiful little place!

I can already hear a few of you saying, “Well, that ain’t the real world. The real world is a tough place.” And I agree that the negative pessimists do tend to live a little bit more in the rough, real-world than us positive optimists. However, the pessimists just keep strengthening and reinforcing the negatives in their real-world bubble while the optimists strengthen and reinforce their convictions.

Moreover, we optimists with our positive outlooks and attitudes are much more likely to change the world for the better than those “real world” pessimists! So I know which camp, and which attitude or outlook I’m going to choose to be part of. How about you? Which viewpoint are you choosing?



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