Luck is on the Side of Those Who Just Do It!


Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker, and educator

Sometimes in life, we just have to take a chance. And no matter what happens, it has to be somehow better than doing nothing. Are you feeling lucky? Good! Let’s get out there and create some of our own luck by just doing it. And while we’re out there, remember that we’re going to run into a few roadblocks. When we do hit these bumps in the road, please don’t be deterred and understand that we are not built on knowing the way already before we have traveled the roads that we must travel.

For example, we can’t see from here all the way to the other side of the country, especially at night. However, I guarantee you that if we would just get in that vehicle of ours, start it up, and turn on our headlights, then we’ll find that our night vision can see our way through the next two hundred feet, even in the darkest of nights. And once we move forward and get to that two hundred foot marker, then all of a sudden the way through the next two hundred feet will illuminate and expose itself to us, and so on.

Like that scenario above, we aren’t built to be able to clearly see all the way and have all the answers in dealing with our next challenge before we actually go down the road that we must travel. However, if we would just get in that vehicle of change and start up our minds, then we can turn on our illuminating problem-solving vision. And once we move our lives forward through the next problem with our self-produced solutions, then all of a sudden we’ll be able to see our way more easily through life’s detours.

dan blanchard award winning author, speaker and teacher  *June 8th, I’m the Featured Speaker at the Mastermind Speaker Group called the Podium Process in Monroe, CT.




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