FDR Said, “Above All Do Something.”


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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was trapped in a wheelchair and couldn’t stand on his own without assistance. However, FDR managed to get elected President of the United States four times! How? Well, for one thing, he didn’t let polio keep him flat on his back doing “nothing;” instead, he overcame his disability by deciding to do “something” about it!

Wheelchair-bound FDR became our 32nd President of the United States during the worst financial crisis this country has ever seen. This was a HUGE mess that FDR rolled his wheelchair into by becoming President during the Great Depression. What could one man do against a whole system that seemed like it was about to collapse?

Well, FDR did “something” like creating social security, and then he did a lot more “somethings” that helped put people back to work, and those “somethings” might have just saved our capitalistic and democratic systems from takeover in the 1930s.

Adolf Hitler had taken over Germany’s economically depressed system and put his people back to work by waging war over in Europe and harassing us with his submarines in the Atlantic Ocean. Simultaneously, a militaristic Japan bombed us at Pearl Harbor.

What could one man being held a prisoner in a wheelchair possibly do about adversaries as dangerous and effective as Hitler and Japan?

Well, once again, FDR did “something,” and then he did a lot more “somethings” that helped convert this country into an arsenal of democracy that outlasted Japan and Germany.

Now, I doubt anyone of us is facing the kind of problems that FDR faced. However, I can bet every one of us is facing some kind of problems. Well, FDR has already shown us the answer to our challenges: do “something” and then continue doing “something” and we’ll move closer to a solution!

Finally, also take a moment to be thankful for what you do have. After all, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, isn’t it?



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