The Difference is Books and People!


Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker, and educator

My Granddaddy once told me that the difference between two people today, and ten years from now would be the books that they have read and the people that they have talked to. It doesn’t matter what their circumstances are, or how similar they are; in ten years from now, there will be some obvious differences between the two of them.

Now, just to make a point, let’s look at the extreme in similarities with identical twins. In ten years from now, the identical twins may still look pretty much alike on the outside, but I guarantee you that they won’t be the same exact people on the inside.

Since the genes and the nature part of this equation are the same, then one might think that these identical twins would end up the same. But, these identical twins won’t end up the same. The nurture or environment part of this equation will be slightly different for these identical twins in the things that they are exposed to, such as, books and people. This slight difference between the two must be a very powerful variable considering how much twins usually do have in common and how much time they usually spend together. But, in contrast, twins still develop differences in taste, friends, dress, language and even mannerisms as they age.

So here is the million-dollar question: Which person, or which identical twin, will end up as a higher quality and more successful person ten years down the road from today?  That’s simple. It’ll be the one that read higher quality books and spoke with higher quality and more successful people.

dan blanchard award winning author, speaker and teacher   Dan will be doing an author event on March 7th at RJ Julia’s Bookstore at 7 PM in Middletown, Connecticut!




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The difference between two teens today and ten years from today will be the books they read and the people they talked to!



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