Dr. Deming and Never-Ending Improvement!


Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator



BABOOM!!! BABOOM!!! 1945… Japan… Devastated, not once, but twice in three days by the United States and two atomic bombs! Two cities destroyed, and sadly, the worst was still to come in starvation, disease, and radiation poisoning.

How would this tiny island-nation ever restore its former glory of being a world-power, and how would it ever forgive the United States for what happened?

Into the story walks the soon-to-be hero of Japan… And he is an American! His name is Dr. Deming.

While General MacArthur may have given the Japanese their present-day Constitution, it was Dr. Deming who gave them a way make a living and earn some money so they could feed their children. He did this by creating quality business practices and high-quality Japanese products. For this, Dr. Deming was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Second Class. This medal recognizes Dr. Deming’s contributions to Japan’s industrial rebirth and their worldwide success. Today, all these years later, Dr. Deming is still honored in Japan as they give out an annual award to the business with the best quality control. This annual award is called the Deming Prize.

So how did Dr. Deming turn around a war-torn nation so quickly and profoundly?

A little bit at a time. Dr. Deming used constant and never-ending deliberate improvements based on statistical analysis. In short, Dr. Deming measured everything. Studied everything. And slightly improved everything the Japanese did.

I think we can all take a lesson here out of Dr. Deming’s play book. What exactly are we doing? Is it getting us closer to our goals? If not, then we have to decide what behaviors will get us closer to our goals and then be willing to do them every minute of every day, even when things are not going our way. Identify goals. Identify the productive behaviors. And get to work!


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