Always Ask Questions!


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The success principle of asking questions reminds me of the great late Socrates. He was a master at asking questions and getting others around him to also ask questions. The Athenian democratic government, however, didn’t like Socrates’ questions. The government decided that Socrates would no longer be allowed to ask disruptive, rebellious, and treasonous questions in their town square.

The Athenian government arrested Socrates and ordered him to stop asking questions or to face death. Socrates drank the hemlock… and here we are today saying that he is probably the wisest man who ever lived!

You see, Socrates believed that the unexamined life wasn’t worth living. Many of his elite followers, such as his star pupil Plato, and Plato’s star pupil, Aristotle, and Aristotle’s star pupil, Alexander the Great felt the same! Hmm… Do you see a pattern of greatness forming here?

What Socrates was really talking about with all of his questions wasn’t that complex or radical after all. His philosophy was really quite simple and something that we could all easily understand. All Socrates was really talking about was creating a road map to a successful life by first pinpointing where you really are right now, a navigation system if you would? Every one of us understands the wisdom and common sense of knowing where you stand and in which direction you need to go in next.

So, don’t ever let yourself, or anybody else stop you from being a leader and asking the tough questions of yourself and society. After all, you are the youth of today, aren’t you? And don’t the young just naturally wonder and ask questions? Come on, it’s already in your nature. Kids are natural philosophers. And Plato preached that all future kings should be philosophers. And maybe someday you’ll be that philosopher King! But, if you’re going to lead us, you can’t let society push you into silence and learned helplessness…



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