The Free Public Library!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The public library is free and it’s not even guarded! That’s right ladies and gentlemen! You can just walk right into that incredibly valuable building and just take whatever priceless knowledge you want without even paying for it! You don’t even have to wait for the drawbridge to drop! Just rush inside like a knight in shining armor and take any information that you want!

It’s so amazing that I’m going to have to say it again! The public library is free, and it will give you an incredibly valuable education, as well as any other skills your little heart may desire.

I feel so lucky to have known about our free public library system for the last twenty-five years. And during that time I have never stopped sipping from the fountain of knowledge and potential power that has been made so easily available to all of us. And come to think of it now, I can’t see myself ever stopping the winning habit of sucking up everything I can from this country’s library system.

Hmm… Imagine another twenty-five-years of this country’s public library system feeding my brain and quenching my thirst for knowledge and potential power. Wow! Now I’m imagining fifty more years of feeding my brain and quenching my thirst… It’s mind-boggling, wouldn’t you agree?  Nothing is impossible with sustained effort over time in a library or library system.

So, how could any one of us not take advantage of how easy the public library system has made it to be a lifelong learner? Just look at all that information floating in the middle of all of those neatly stacked aisles of books! And if you’re more of the digital type of person, just look down at your phone and see the thousands of books sitting there all nice and neatly in your electronic device waiting to be read.


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