Greats from the Past and Their Secrets!


Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker, and educator

I have never met Winston Churchill, yet I know that he was a difficult boy who gave his teachers and headmasters a hard time. This hits home with me since I’m a schoolteacher. I have never met Teddy Roosevelt, yet I know that his last piece of advice to the new incoming President, William Howard Taft, was, “Whatever you do, stay off of the horses!” Taft was 350 pounds. And, I’ve never met President Lyndon B. Johnson, yet I know after he left the White House this larger-than-life Texan grew his hair long and did everything he could to have a little bit more fun in his later years, including drinking whiskey and joy-riding in his 1964 Lincoln Continental around his Texas ranch with his secret agents bouncing around in the back of his car and holding on for their lives!

So, what do Churchill, Roosevelt, and Johnson have to do with secrets? Well, hold on tight as I try to explain something to you. Now, remember, I have never met anyone of these past-greats, yet I know a lot about them and their secrets to success and leadership…

How is it possible that I know so much about all of them? Well, through books of course! Sometimes the obvious is not always so obvious to all of us. And sometimes the simple isn’t always so simple. Come to think of it, you want to know something else? I also think the free public library may be one of the best-kept secrets out there, too!

So what do Winston’s strong defiant personality, Roosevelt’s comment about Taft not getting up on a horse, and Johnson’s joy riding around his ranch have to do with secrets? Well, to tell you the truth, it’s a secret. So I can’t tell you right now. Nor can I tell you at this exact moment all the other secrets I have learned from reading books. However, I can tell you this: the past-greats can and will tell you their secrets if you let them… All you have to do is put on your detective hat, and begin reading books about them. Go ahead! You won’t be sorry that you did. And that too may be a little bit of a secret…

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*The difference between two teens today and ten years from today will be the books they read and the people they talked to!

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