Winners Endure It All and Still Do More!


Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker, and educator

The world favors those who persevere and act in bold ways. Winners know and live this universal law of success. Winners consistently find ways to show bravery by enduring fear, pain, discomfort, and uncertainty, and then somehow manage to do more.

I can remember a time when I saw a girl in great distress, and I could see that her unfortunate stroke of bad luck was tearing this girl and her mother apart. But somehow amid this ferocious storm, the girl’s mother gently told her daughter that all she had to do was just to make one small move in the right direction, and eventually, everything will somehow work itself out. That’s it! Only one small step in the right direction is almost always the answer to our most daunting problems.

Remember, motion creates emotion! So let’s move our body in some small way toward something better than the present, and we’ll find the emotional energy to continue. And then one day we’ll be absolutely amazed and lost in wonderment at the exciting journey that we almost didn’t take.

Furthermore, we’ll be incredibly proud when we look in the mirror and see the type of person we have become. We’ll finally feel lucky and forget about whatever problems we used to have. Also, we’ll be confident in knowing that from now on we’ll be able to handle whatever curve balls life throws at us.

It won’t be easy though! It never is easy because our Creator is more concerned about our character than our comfort. Remember, the biggest and best trees have endured the strongest winds. So let’s let life’s fires mold us into that best woman or man of steel possible. Let’s help life turn us into that superhero that we are supposed to be.

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