Thoughts become Things!

Thoughts become things! Yup! That’s right! Thoughts become things! As a matter of fact, I challenge you to show me one thing you have or one thing that you’ve done that you didn’t think about first. I bet you can’t think of anything, huh? None of us can. Everything out there in existence was first preceded by somebody’s thoughts and then followed up with actions in order to bring it into existence. Thus, we have to carefully guard our thoughts and take special care to strategically control our own special and creative powers of thought.

Thoughts that become things are such a beautiful phenomenon because it can mean we all have unlimited power to create some pretty amazing things just from our thoughts. And we all have thoughts, right? However, beware though, just like a day has its opposite in a night, good thoughts and good creations also have their opposite in bad thoughts and bad creations. So again, please heed my advice and carefully guard your thoughts because thoughts become things, and only you have the power to control what kind of things your thoughts become.

If we all consciously control our thoughts, then I think we will surprise ourselves with how far we can travel in just the short time of say a year or two. Hey, a year or two is going to go by regardless of whether or not we are fully participating in it in a positive way, negative way, or in no way at all. So we might as well consciously choose to control our thoughts by kicking out any stinking thinking and replacing it with positive thinking filled with potential. Let’s stop trying to just make a living, and let’s start designing the masterful, wonderful life we all deserve!



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