We Can’t Think Two Thoughts At the Same Time!


Our human brain is amazing and can do about anything we want, except think of two thoughts simultaneously. Our mind thinks of one thought after another. Our thoughts are forced to play nice by the rule of taking turns. Thus, whenever we notice ourselves thinking negative thoughts, and that little voice in our head is telling us that we’re not good enough to try something new, we have the power to end that negative thought’s turn, and give a turn to a different and better thought.

That previous bad thought can’t stay in place if we don’t let it. We can fill that seat with another thought. The power to switch thoughts and give a different thought a turn is a good power to have. An even better power that we all have is that the next thought to enter our mind doesn’t have to be a random thought or even the next logical thought of a like kind. The next thought can be any thought that we choose. So let’s be wise and consciously choose a good empowering thought.

If we choose to have that good thought in our mind, then we’re in the driver’s seat, and that old bad thought and his bad thought friends can’t return. No bad thoughts of any kind will be able to enter our minds because our brains just can’t think of two thoughts simultaneously. If the positive thoughts refuse to be evicted from the driver’s seat in our minds, then the negative thoughts are just out of luck and out in the cold because our brains can think about two thoughts at the same time.



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