Dan Blanchard is a bestselling and award-winning author, speaker, and educator. TV Host, 2X Juinor Olympian Wrestler, 2X Junior Olympian Wrestling Coach, a veteran of the Army and the Air Force, as well as a parenting expert, certified life-coach, and international columnist!

Dan Blanchard Award-Winning Teen Leadership Author, Speaker and Educator!
Dan Blanchard Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Educator!


Dan Blanchard

Rodney Smith Olympic Bronze Medalist

Rodney Smith Olympic Bronze Medalist

“Dan, Great Job…

What a wonderful story. Inspirational and moving.  Adversity makes Champions. I love how you bring the young and the wise together. One speaks, one listens and one grows. Dan, you have truly captured the essence of triumph in the human spirit.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

God Bless…” Rodney Smith- United States  1992 Olympic Bronze Medalist Greco-Roman Wrestler


Tebucky Jones New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion
Tebucky Jones New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion

 “I personally know how difficult it can be sometimes for young men and their families. I have known Dan for several years now and I personally know that he has done a lot of good for a lot of young men. His book, The Storm, will only compound the good that he does for families and their young struggling men.” Tebucky Jones New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion


General Gay

  “Dan Blanchard Nails it. Truly wonderful read providing great insight applicable to all ages. Reflects the importance of mentorship in an easily read manner.” David W Gay. M.G. ( Ret )




Paula Mele Mrs. International CT
Paula Mele Mrs. International CT

 “Dan Blanchard is a hero in our family. He was a great role model and a source of inspiration for my boys when they were in high school. He helped them grow up to be good men and now he is sharing his heart-touching story, ‘The Storm’ which will do the same for you, your sons and your family!” Paula Mele Mrs. International CT



Betsey Katiti- Ugandan Princess
Betsey Katiti- Ugandan Princess

 “Daniel Blanchard’s parenting book, The Storm is a book I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to read. Reading this book feels like sitting down with family and good friends, people who really care about you and want to share secrets with you to inspire, uplift and challenge you to live a truly meaningful life. The Storm has many valuable, commonsense lessons that can help anyone of us live a life full of promise, a life that we can truly be proud of. Sometimes even with the best of intentions, we feel stuck, unable and unsure of how we can achieve our goals. The Storm will give you that extra nudge to go after your dreams, stop holding on to a past that may be holding you back, believe in yourself,  and resolve once and for all to take control of your life.

Anyone who has ever said or thought “I wish I knew then I what I know now” needs to get a copy of, The Storm, read it and then pass it on to a loved one.


Dr. Lawrence Fenn- Superintendent of Schools

“Dan Blanchard understands that intrinsic values and internal locus of control are essential attributes we as educators need to foster… Dan writes about responsibility being key to our children’s success… Dan’s writing is authentic and expresses his deep concern for our school children’s future.”

Dr. Lawrence Fenn- Superintendent of Schools. President of Collaborative Educational Designs, LLC, and Planning For Crisis Inc. College Professor




Dick Curland- Assistant Superintendent of Schools


 “My friend Dan Blanchard has spelled out the secrets to success in this heartwarming story of a grandfather and his grandson. All of us can find words and concepts to live by in this interesting tale.” 

Dick Curland- Former Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Educational Consultant, and College Adjunct Instructor.



Michael Foran “National Principal of the Year!”

 “Dan’s story contains excellent common sense advice in a very easy read. I would recommend it to teenagers, parents or anyone who works with young people. It is a great stimulant for family or classroom conversations.

 Good luck Dan. “

Michael Foran “National Principal of the Year!”



Colleen Moffett- Teacher of the Year!

 “It is rare these days to find a truly positive young adult text that is void of violence, sex, and drugs.  Dan’s book encompasses a great message while still be relevant to teens today.” Colleen Moffett- Teacher of the Year!




January Jones Author and Radio Personality


Dan Blanchard’s book is a must read for any family dealing with generational issues. A Grandfather reaches out to a troubled teen and helps him to discover how to make it through turbulent times. The message of Constant, And, Never-ending, Deliberate, Improvement, will help young and old to learn what it takes to succeed in an imperfect world. You will be feeling lucky after you read this book!”  January Jones, Thou Shalt Not Whine. The Eleventh Commandment  BlogTalkRadio.com

Dr. Krista Wells President of Military Spouse Inc.

 “A must-read for today’s young adults! What a privilege to have an expert educator provide so much insight and inspiration through a modern story that really resonates with the tumultuous life of today’s teens. This book will make a wonderful gift for any teen you wish to see succeed.” 

Krista H. Wells, Ph.D.– Military Spouse Coach and Professional Speaker

Trent Blanchard Author and Radio Host

“Award-Winning Author, Daniel Blanchard shares tons of ageless wisdom in his delightful book.  If you have a youngster, make sure to read it with them.  Warning- you most likely will be surprised at how much important information you, yourself, will learn.” Rev. Trent Blanchard, M.A. HR Consultant, Life Coach, Addiction Specialist, Radio Talk Show Host and Author of Triple A  for the Soul- Your Pathway to Personal Freedom.

Bill Corbett Professional Speaker, Author, TV Host

“Dan Blanchard has the making of a top-notch writer, speaker, and shaker & mover.  His history of self-development and striving to improve himself is incredibly admirable. But more importantly, his passion for influencing the lives of adolescents positively is impressive. I can’t wait to see what Dan will accomplish in the year to come!” Bill Corbett- Professional Speaker, Author and Television Host of From Soapbox to Stage.

Dr. Richard Pfohl Professional Speaker and Leadership Expert

“Dan Blanchard has captured the essence of leadership development and teen mentoring in a series of books which reveal Granddaddy’s wisdom. The overall message of Granddaddy is how one generation passes on wisdom to another generation. Dan answers the question of whether the change is incremental or simply a transformational event. For most of us, it is the former that facilitates change in our lives and gets to the heart of how Granddaddy orchestrates change in his grandchild. As you move through the story many of the cultural issues we experience today are addressed which have broken the traditional family structure that Granddaddy grew up with. Based on this if you are a teenager who does not have a father figure this book is for you as the secrets of life are revealed through the teenager in the story by his grandfather. His grandfather is the leader/mentor who passes on lessons this child may not have received otherwise. It’s not simply a story of connection for broken homes but it is also a story of leadership development and the mentoring process. Fatherless homes would deeply resonate with this story but I think it also can have an appeal for anyone who believes in teen mentoring and leadership development. Overall the story Dan has presented in his series of books is geared towards parents and their teenagers however it can be used by teachers in the classroom, mentors who do one-on-one mentoring, and leaders who seek to develop those they lead. Not only is this a great story but it is told by a great leader and mentor whom I greatly admire, Dan Blanchard.” Dr. Richard M. Pfohl, CEO & Founder of Navigos, a leadership consulting organization 

Richard Moriarty High School Administrator and CAPA President

“Dan Blanchard’s newest book, The Storm is a story of family ties and the search for wisdom, with a healthy dose of inspiration thrown in for good measure. As a parent, teacher and now a high school administrator, I know and value the importance of motivation when it comes to working with teenagers. Both young and old will find something they can relate to in Dan Blanchard’s books exploring the turbulent and challenging world of today’s youth. A must-read for parents and teachers alike.” Richard Moriarty – Senior Executive Advisor-Hartford Culinary Arts Academy High School and former President of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association.


 “Your work is AMAZING and SO IMPORTANT!! Your caring, knowing wisdom, and believing in teens will SAVE many lives!! Your words and insight will also be utilized as a tool to help mold, shape, and guide teens and parents, as well as me too, for the rest of our lives! I am speaking from experience!” Julie Ann McCormick- Hartford, Connecticut

Jamie Ciofalo
Jamie Ciofalo

  “Dan Blanchard’s, Evaluation of Professional Development in an Urban High School is a must read for school administrators, instructional supervisors, and educators who strive to ensure the success of their students in an increasingly competitive 21st-century global economy. Dan brings to the fore the need for administrators to shift from the traditional role of manager to instructional leader. 21st-century instructional leaders must work collaboratively with teachers to design personalized professional development programs that will enable each teacher to attain success. Hopefully, Dan’s work will help lead to a paradigm shift in the development and delivery of professional development programs for instructional staff and leaders.” 

Jamie Edward Ciofalo, School Administrator, Author, Speaker, and Educational Consultant of POWER Educational Consultants www.poweredpro.com @power_education

Oscar Staton
Oscar Staton

“Dan Blanchard’s book, Evaluation of Professional Development in an Urban High School is a must read for school administrators, classroom teachers, and professors! This is a well-researched book that sheds much-needed light on how to maximize expert knowledge and transfer it to the hands-on educators.  Anyone in academia benefits from this guide!


Oscar Staton Education consultant, creator/CEO Teach Cow Network


Dr. Greg Goins
Superintendent Dr. Greg Goins

 “Dan Blanchard has emerged as a leading voice in public education as a dynamic speaker, author, and coach for teachers and school leaders. His book on evaluating professional development not only identifies specific problems with professional development, it also provides a blueprint for workable solutions that can be adapted to any school environment. Let this strategy change your culture of professional learning.”

Dr. Greg Goins

Illinois School Superintendent

The host of The Goin’ Digital Show, the Podcast for K-12 School Leaders. (Teach Cow Network)





Jerry Labriola
Jerry Labriola

“It has been a pleasure getting to know Dan Blanchard over the last few years. All readers out there should make it their mission to become more familiar with Dan and his Granddaddy’s Secrets teen leadership books, especially his second book, ‘Feeling Good.’! This mysterious and inspiring leadership book will leave its readers eagerly anticipating its sequel.”  

Jerry Labriola, former CT Senator, M.D., and author of the mystery novel, Diamonds and Pirates