Every Storm Makes Us Luckier!


It may be considered a little weird or at least a little different to be told we are a little bit luckier now that we’ve had a big storm pass through our lives. One of the reasons that we are luckier is that we didn’t just have a storm pass through, but rather we just successfully weathered that storm! Hooray!

You see,  weathered storms cleanse us as they wash away the old and bring in the new. Storms can give us all a fresh start at something that formerly might have been a bad start. Sometimes storms will even unveil a clear vision for a new path or fresh start.

The blinding storms in our lives are truly fascinating and have an even greater degree of magic to them than the calmer, vision-clearing storms. When it’s raining too hard to see straight, our subconscious mind takes over and sees the mysterious lesson and a way out or at least through the storm. We usually end up under a shelter, sitting up there on that red picnic table, stronger and better prepared for the next storm, whether we know it or not.

Sadly, our conscious mind doesn’t always recognize the lesson that the storm is trying to teach us, but luckily for us, our subconscious mind does. The lessons residing in our subconscious minds may not shine through today, tomorrow, next Tuesday, or even during the next rainy season when we think we really need them to shine through and speak to us. But be certain of one thing, the much-needed lesson will eventually shine through the tumultuous weather and a fresh start will emerge. Surprisingly, many times these life lessons will appear when we least expect them. So do not give up hope!



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