Stretch Your Brain!

Once we stretch our brains to accommodate larger thinking, we can never shrink our brains back to smaller thinking. This is sort of like when our big brother or sister borrows our smaller shirts. They inevitably stretch our shirt out when they wear it, and our shirt becomes too big for our smaller stature. Now our old shirt just looks and feels wrong on us. In these instances, we tend to get mad at our bigger brother or sister when they stretch out our clothes, right?

Well, when our big sibling or maybe even our big mentor, who all have much bigger thinking than we do, stretches out our mind and helps create the brain capacity for us to think larger thoughts; well then, just like that shirt mentioned above, our brain too ends up feeling wrong for our old smaller stature. Smile this time, though, because stretching out is a good thing this time!

You see, we really want someone to help us stretch out our younger, crisper, barely worn minds. Once our mind has been stretched, we have become truly blessed. Nobody can make us go back into our old smaller shell of smaller thinking and limited ways of looking at this world.

It’s sort of like when someone squeezes the toothpaste out of the tube… there isn’t any way anybody is getting that toothpaste back into the tube, no matter how hard they try to force it. And once our brain has been stretched to accommodate larger thinking, there isn’t any way anybody can force us back into smaller thinking and smaller brain capacity, no matter how hard they try. Smile again because, once again, this is a good thing!



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