Turn “Shoulds” into “Musts”!

should do my homework now instead of later. I should go to the gym now instead of later. I should get started on that long-term project now instead of later. I should… I should… I should… Guess what?  When we do all this shoulding, all we’re really doing is shoulding all over ourselves. Yuck! Come on… Let’s admit the truth here… We all know that none of those shoulds above are going to get done right now instead of later. We also know that most likely many of those shoulds above won’t ever get done. We’ve all done this, and we’ve all made excuses for not getting the things done that we should. We tend to conveniently forget to do our shoulds, or we just pretend to be too busy with other things…

If we want to be successful leaders, then we can no longer speak the word should out loud because it triggers thoughts in our minds that we have plenty of time to do this should thing later. The word should just isn’t a strong enough motivator to get our minds and bodies moving forward on to that road of completion, success, and happiness.

From now on, let’s commit to saying the word must out loud instead of mumbling the word should every time that we need to get something done. If we can do this, then we will no longer be shoulding all over ourselves. Yay! From now on we must do our homework now! We must go to the gym now! And we must start that long-term project now because that is the only way we’re ever going to have a superior future to the mediocre present that our shoulding has created for many of us so far!




  1. What success and leadership principles can you identify in this newsletter?
  2. What will you do over the next week to implement one of these success and leadership principles?



*Dan just finished his first draft of his memoir covering the first 40 years of his life ending at his brother’s death. Keep an eye out for this book in the near future and the movie/TV series that is also in the works.

*Dan is also almost done writing his next educational book on teacher and paraeducator collaboration.

*Finally, Dan is presently speaking about teen leadership and his book, The Storm: How Young Men Become Good Men.



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*The difference between two people today and ten years from today will be the books they read and the people they talked to!