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The Storm (How Young Men Become Good Men)

Dan Blanchard

Award-Winning Author and Speaker 
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Dan Blanchard is a Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Educator, and TV Host who has been featured on over 100 TV and radio shows as well as several of the World’s Top Ten Podcasts. Dan is also a Life Coach, two-time Junior Olympian Wrestler, and two-time Junior Olympian Wrestling Coach. He grew up as a student-athlete and is the first to admit that there was more athlete than a student in him back in high school. Now, to make up for it, he completed 14 years of college and earned seven degrees.

Dan Blanchard
Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Educator, and TV Host
Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

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The Storm

From Book 1: Do you want the world to be your classroom? Why are our students falling behind in their academics and life skills needed to become successful? In this student workbook for Dan Blanchard’s bestselling book, The Storm: How Young Men Become Good Men, students will learn the secrets of success that many don’t know… the very things that are holding many back in life. The Storm Student Workbook will give educators and students a chance to obtain mastery much easier through:
• Thought-provoking and discussion enhancing picture-quotes.
• Discussion and thought-improving vocabulary.
• Multi-level questions.
• Deep introspection and reflection through looking within.
• Enrichment, ESL, Special Education, Social Skills, and Character Building strategies.

Granddaddy's Secrets