About Dan

I Help Young People Become Good People. -- Award-winning author, TEDx speaker, educator, TV host, veteran, and philanthropist.

About Dan

Dan Blanchard is a Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Educator, and TV Host who has been featured on over 100 TV and radio shows as well as several of the World’s Top Ten Podcasts. Dan is also a Life Coach, two-time Junior Olympian Wrestler, and two-time Junior Olympian Wrestling Coach. He grew up as a student-athlete and is the first to admit that there was more athlete than a student in him back in high school. Now, to make up for it, he completed 14 years of college and earned seven degrees.

Dan currently teaches Special Education in Connecticut’s largest inner-city high school. He is a Teacher Consultant for the University of Connecticut’s Writing Project and was chosen by the American Federation of Teachers as the face and voice for educational reform


He was inspired to write “The Storm: How Young Boys Become Good Men” and “A Sprint to the Top: How to Win The Game of Life” by students telling him to write a book so he could share with other teens what he was sharing with them. He listened and wrote this very accessible two-book teen leadership series. True to his nature, Dan also wrote a research-based book filled with practical and implementable strategies and practices for teachers, and then another one for students as well, and then a whole bunch more after that.

Dan continues to write and speak, and to be a mentor whose goal is to positively influence youths every chance that he gets! He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Jennifer, their five children, and the family dog, Willow.


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