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How often do we listen but not really listen? How often do we see, but not really see? Can you remember ever forgetting someone’s name right after you had just met them? Has anybody ever asked you what a friend of yours was wearing and you couldn’t remember? Have you ever found yourself unable to answer your teacher’s question, even though she just talked about it? I know I have done all these things, and I imagine you have too, right?

We humans are human, by that fact alone we are naturally lazy and indifferent. We still have these primal instincts to preserve our life-energy and self-interest in the name of basic survival. Thus, we usually tend to not care a whole lot about things that we feel don’t fully pertain to us. However, this natural basic human behavior is short sighted thinking in today’s modern world. While it’s true that we can’t pay attention to every little bit of information that crosses our path in this new data age; an age that never stops bombarding us with sound-bites of information, the truth is that we can pay attention to a lot more than we have been paying attention to.

With some effort we can remember people’s names. We also can remember what our friend was wearing. And we most certainly can field questions in class tossed at us by our teacher, especially right after our teacher just gave us the answer. It literally pays to pay attention… Pay attention to the world, and the world will pay attention to you! Pay attention to the little things in life, and the little things will eventually add up to big things happening for you in your life.

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use the secret of “Listening”.

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