Daniel Blanchard’s Interview of Author Wayne English!

 Wayne English founded and owns Web Content Rx, LLC. His first book, Web Content Rx, A Quick and Handy guide for Writes, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People, is a Top 5 business title in leadership books at The Washington Post. Wayne also speaks at high schools on how to find a job, do resumes and cover letters, conducts […]

Attract High Quality People!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Like attracts like according to the famous book and movie called, The Secret. I do not know if this has been scientifically proven yet, but the self-help industry has a very valuable theory about how all of our thoughts have a certain vibration frequency that attracts the similar thoughts, or […]

Show Somebody Something!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog!   When asked about becoming a successful leader it usually goes back to the age old question of, “Is it nature or nurture?” I believe the answer comes down to both. In regards to nurture, Einstein believed that it was very difficult for any of us to get beyond the […]

Dreams Do Come True!

 Scott Schulte A good friend of mine, Scott Schulte, who also just so happens to be a real-life Granddaddy himself is living the life and principles of my Granddaddy’s Secrets! Let me explain. Scott, like myself and so many other guys grew up idolizing the greatest Olympic wrestler ever, Dan Gable from Iowa. Like so […]