Book Marketing For Authors Blog 10- Copywriting Make More Money

Copywriting Make More Money


Don’t be afraid of it. Yes. Copywriting is different than book writing. But so is self-publishing different from traditional publishing. And we didn’t let that difference scare us, right? To be honest with you, though, I didn’t start out with copywriting, and when I first came across it, it scared me too. I didn’t understand it. I thought it was too salesy for me. And as a proud author with an awesome book, I kind of thought that kind of writing was below me. After all, I was trying to do the noble thing of being an author who is trying to make this world a better place one reader at a time.

I eventually found out that the problem with making the world a better place one reader at a time is very difficult. Especially when most people don’t know our books even exist. And if they do come across our books, by chance, another book’s copywrite usually persuades them to click on that book, instead of ours. This is very frustrating. We know we have something good, but all the other people out there don’t know it. There is nothing noble about being a struggling artist or a dead broke author. We all better keep our day jobs forever if we’re not willing to learn new skills…

Okay, let’s push all of our egos aside. We need to learn copywriting so we can let people know our books exist and then persuade them to click on our books when they see them instead of another’s. Also, let’s push that ego a little further when learning the human side of copywriting. Copywriting is a lot more emotional kind of writing than traditional content writing. And although we may already utilize storytelling, we’re going to have to up our game a lot more in storytelling to become a good copywriter.

Not sure about this yet. Yeah… I hear you. But, here’s the deal. Look at the long-game. If we get good at copywriting too, then we’re going to sell more books in the long run. And that’s what we want, right? And we also have a new skill to help others that we can be paid for… that’s another income stream, right? Hmm… Definitely, something to think about…

Let’s do this! What do we have to lose? The upside looks huge.

But… learning copywriting is going time. We’re going to have to find a way to make room in our lives for both our content writing and copywriting. Yeah… True… we may have to do a little less content writing, but in the long run, it will be worth it. If we consistently work on our writing, over time, we will still have a bunch of educational products. And while we may end up with fewer products than we would have had if we had solely devoted our time to content writing, it won’t hurt us in the long run. After all, what’s the use of having a few more educational or informational products if no one knows you or your products even exist? Having fewer products that people actually buy is a much better road to go down, don’t you agree?

So, here is a free way to learn copywriting, which is a very valuable skill that will help us self-publishing indie authors sell more books and make more money. Yes. You heard me correct. I said there was a FREE way to learn copywriting. However, you are going to have to invest some sweat equity in doing this. Hey, elbow-grease is what we indie authors do, right? We find our own way in this world. We make our own paths, right? We’re trailblazers. And that’s why we are self-publishing authors. So why should learning the skill of copywriting be any different for us? And yes again, copywriting is a skill. Thus, it can be learned. It’s not like just a few of the lucky ones are born with it… We don’t have to be afraid of it or think that we’re not good enough to go down that road.

Okay, so here is the trick. I want you to Google, “Best copywriting Ads Ever.” Spend time finding the best copywriting ads for the last one hundred years. Then print out those ads and put them in a folder. And every morning before you go to work, hand copy a couple of them and out in a notebook. Yes, you must handwrite them, so the nuances and patterns of the best copywrite inhabit every cell of your body. You’ll learn faster this way.

If morning is usually your content writing time, then do your copywriting time during lunch. I know you can figure out a time to do this. It’s important. And it’s free. What else could you ask for, a genie in a lantern? Okay, that would be nice too. But we all know that’s not going to happen. But, you know what could happen? We could get pretty good at copywriting; that’s what could happen. And we could sell more books, too, because of it.

In addition, if we’re willing to take on another side hustle, we could do copywriting projects for other indie authors who don’t want to do it themselves. And we all know there are plenty out there who don’t want to do it themselves. By doing some copywriting for ourselves and then compounding it by doing copywriting as a side-hustle, we’re going to get better at it a lot faster. And then we’ll have the skills to make ourselves a lot more money by selling more of our books and helping other people sell more of their books, too. We’ll be seen as an expert in this realm by others. People will seek us out and want to be our friends. Pretty cool, huh?

Copywriting is a skill that never goes away. There is always going to be work and money to be made as a copywriter. And if you get good at it and know how to help the big boys sell their big products, you can make more money than imaginable. That’s pretty cool again, huh?

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