Book Marketing For Authors Blog 3- Every One of Us has the Right to Make Some Money through Writing!

Every One of Us has the Right to Make Some Money through Writing

It doesn’t matter what we do for employment. We don’t have to be an author. We don’t even have to be a good writer… I’m not… No matter what we do for a living, we can still write about it and make some money doing it. Simultaneously, we can also improve our status in our particular field by writing about it. We’re going to eventually been seen as an expert in that field, which we’re writing about. And this is especially true if it’s a career that few do write about.

I’m an educator who writes about education, teaching, coaching, leadership, parenting, sports, authoring, speaking, marketing, and a whole bunch more. And maybe you’re a welder. Well, believe it or not, you can write about that. Yes, you really can.

You see, you are a creative genius. Somewhere inside of you are experiences to write about in welding, or whatever it is that you do. Now, what you do every day may seem mundane to you because you know it so well. But the bottom line is that not every new welder knows what you know after obtaining some experience. And these less experienced welders would probably appreciate the help you can provide. You could save them time and money. Also, there are people out there who are just naturally curious about other fields. They, too, will read your stuff out of just curiosity. They might even pay to read it. Or, if enough other people read your free content, you could get paid by advertisement companies.

The Internet is driven by this content stuff! Google is driven by content. Google loves content. Google eats content for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Hey, anything that’s new, drives traffic, widens audiences, and increases the eyeballs on your content. This dynamic equals you making some money. You can make it directly through your writing, or maybe indirectly through your job promotions and raises at work when you become seen as an expert through your writing.

Maybe I’m selfish. Or perhaps my plate is just full of all the stuff that I do. But, I love writing for myself and building my own expertise, rather than doing it for others. But, perhaps you aren’t comfortable with writing for yourself yet. Well, then, you could write for others. You can blog for others and probably get paid $30 or more for a single blog. If it takes you an hour to write that blog for someone else, you could be making a pretty good hourly wage writing for others.

Next, you could do some ghost-writing if you’re really ambitious. Now, this is a much bigger project that is going to take a lot longer to do. But it could be worth it. Some ghost-writers are charging $10,000 to write a book for someone else. Oh, and by the way, NEWS FLASH! Most celebrities don’t have the time or skills to write their own book. But they have plenty of money. So, most celebrities hire ghost-writers to write their books. So… why can’t it be you that they hire?

Also, now with this recent push of content helping to create expert status, most CEOs are aware of the benefits of having a book as well. But, similar to celebrities, most CEOs don’t have the time or skills to write a book. So guess what they do? They hire ghost-writers. Lots and lots of people utilize ghost-writers.

If you are a native English speaking person, you’re going to have some advantages. Many writers around the world who are writing for cash won’t have your mastery of our language. If you’re a college grad of an American university, you can even charge higher prices. It’s definitely something to think about…

So, how do you start? And where do you find these places to write for cash? Well, they’re all over the place. But, maybe you can start simple at a place like FIVERR. You won’t make a ton of money at first writing for others at FIVERR. But it could lead to a bunch of other opportunities to write and share your expertise to improve someone else’s status while putting a few bucks in your pocket. Heck, you could even look into doing some work for one of the many writing mills out there, too. Just Google it. I’m sure you’ll find some that will take you on, especially if you speak English.

Now, don’t try to tell me that you don’t have time. There are even phone apps out there that you can dictate into while you’re driving your car to work. Over the 20-minute car ride to work, you could have most of your blog or article done. That could be a $30 or more article almost done, just on your ride to work.

Also, don’t try to tell me that you’re just a welder, construction worker, or whatever you do, and people don’t really write articles where you work. Well, if you do what everyone else does, then you get what everyone else gets. And I think you want more than that, don’t you? Besides, what’s a better place to stand out with your simple, easy to follow writing than a place that not many people are writing about? Isn’t it worth it to further your career, make some extra money, and thus be able to support your family better?

Think about the long-term benefits, too. The more and more you write for yourself and for others, the more and more exposure you’re going to have. The more you’re going to sharpen your intellect and skills. The bigger network, you’re growing. And the list goes on and on… These are all very good things to have and become. And who knows… you may even become a best-selling author and get asked to speak, coach, or consult for a lot more money where the cycle can then repeat itself again.


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