Book Marketing For Authors Blog 27-Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is that it allows us to begin our authorpreneur business right now instead of waiting. We don’t even have to have a book yet to take part in an authorpreneurship business. If we have been following any authors who are doing some pretty cool things, we could help them out by being an affiliate marketer for them. That means we could be collecting a side-income almost immediately. Think about how awesome that would be when we consider all the authors who have written a book or even several books and still don’t have a steady income stream.

Now don’t do this for things you don’t believe in. That’s wrong. And sooner or later, people are going to figure out that you’re doing something wrong. That is going to hurt you when you’re trying to build your following. Only do affiliate marketing for things that you are crazy about. Only do it for something that you would tell other people about for free, without any compensation. However, the really good thing is that by telling people about it through affiliate marketing, you get the nice little bonus of a piece of the profit.

A lot of things on Amazon have affiliate links. I imagine there is something on Amazon that you like and would tell friends about for free. So, if there is something on Amazon that you feel strongly about it, then go ahead and tell people about it and make a few bucks at the same time.

There are affiliate links for most things out there. Even on Amazon, there are affiliate links at multiple levels. These links are not just on books or products of others, but also for your own book. How does that work, you’re wondering. Hey, check this out, I’ve been converting my books into audiobooks on Amazon’s ACX. Audiobooks are becoming a hotter and hotter market. I love audiobooks, and I listen to them all the time.

But here is the golden goose. When the audiobook goes live, Amazon ACX sends me an affiliate link to send out with my book. When a new person who wants my book clicks on the affiliate link subscribing to Audible, I get $75 sent to me plus the book royalty for each person that does this. This audible affiliate link is a pretty cool one to have, wouldn’t you agree? So go ahead and create an audiobook and affiliate yourself with yourself, too, with a little help from Amazon.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to do something positive for influencers before you ask them to do something for you. You’re helping them get in front of more people and make some additional sales, which adds to their fame and bank accounts when you affiliate market for them. You’re also, at least indirectly, associating yourself with these influencers through your affiliate marketing of them. Some of their magic will rub off on you, at least in other people’s eyes, when they keep seeing your name next to one of the big boy’s or big girl’s names in your industry.

Now don’t feel bad about this. It isn’t cheating. You’re helping a lot of people if you are honestly only doing affiliate marketing for something you genuinely believe in. You’re helping the shaker and mover build their following and bank account. You’re helping yourself by borrowing some of their mystique and getting a stream of income. And you’re helping your own audience because you’re offering them something that they will like, most likely at a discount rate. It’s a win-win-win situation that none of us should shy away from.

Affiliate marketing is a relationship builder. And we all know that building relationships is vital for us the build our authorpreneurship business. So pay attention to this strategy and put it in your authorpreneurship toolbox.

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