Book Marketing For Authors Blog 35-Getting Off the Kryptonite Couch

Getting Off the Kryptonite Couch


I learned a long time ago that my couch was made of kryptonite. Yup. At least part of my sofa has kryptonite in it somewhere. They hide it well. I tried to look for it a few times but realized it was useless. These people are expert kryptonite hiders. I couldn’t find it, and neither will you. But trust me, it’s there somewhere. That I know for a fact.

I run full-speed ahead all day long like some kind of superhero. But the moment I stop to rest on the couch to watch just one show, all the superhero life-energy is just sucked right out of me. And the more of my body I expose to the kryptonite couch, the worse it is. If I lie down, which exposes more of my body than just sitting, the sucking of the superhero life energy out of me gets even worse. Some nights I can barely muster up enough energy to get off of that couch to get upstairs to my bed. All my super-deeds for the day are over once I’m on that kryptonite couch. Does the same happen to you?

The kryptonite couch is holding us down. It’s holding us back from further greatness as a self-publishing indie author who is nobly finding our own way in this world. You want to know what goes hand and hand with that kryptonite couch in holding us back and keeping us down? It’s fear. Yup. Fear is taking us off our feet and putting us on that kryptonite couch as an inactive, non-participant, armchair quarterback at best.

Fear and the kryptonite couch puts us in that ‘I’ll do it later’ zone. Yup. We know we should do something. But we just can’t seem to overcome the fear and the kryptonite of our couches, so we try to make ourselves feel better by saying, “Hey, I’m going to do it. I’ll just do it later.”

Nope! That’s not the answer of an authorpreneur who likes to win. Doing it later means forgetting all about it. Yup. That’s how this game works. We say we’ll do it later, but that’s not really true. And we know it. We know that we might do it later. But then again, we might not do it later. And guess which side tends to win a lot more than the other? Yup. The might not wins so much that it really is the probably not category. We probably won’t do it later. As a matter of fact, we most likely won’t do it later. Or maybe we should just come right out and be honest and say that we’re not going to do it later, okay?

The kryptonite couch, fear, and procrastination has killed more indie authors than death itself. At least with death, we self-publishing authors only die once. With the trio mentioned above, our dreams die over and over again. This keeps us from ever realizing our true potential and living our fullest life. We’re just existing in quiet desperation.

Hey, it’s not our fault. Our brain still thinks that we’re cavemen. It doesn’t realize yet that we are self-publishing authors trying to become authorpreneurs, not cavemen. But, because our brains don’t recognize this yet and they are pre-programmed to conserve all life-energy for the next famine, it keeps us in a state of procrastination, fear, and lying on the kryptonite couch. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not living in the middle of a famine. And I doubt you are either.

So let’s get out there again and do something, okay? Let’s expand some energy. Don’t worry. We have plenty of food to replenish those burned calories later.

The steady wins. We all know the story about the rabbit racing the turtle. The rabbit thinks he is just going to lie around forever and then sprint at the very end when he finds the motivation or when he realizes that he’s screwed if he doesn’t. Well, we all know how this one ends. The turtle wins, right? Slow and steady wins the day. Stop lying around, thinking you’ll sprint to success later. A slow, steady burn of calories is way better than a burst of burning.

Being an authorpreneur is a marathon, not a sprint. If you think you can sprint through this, you’re not really a true authorpreneur yet. You’re probably still way back at the starting gate as just a writer, or maybe a self-published author, if you think you can sprint your way to success in this business.

So… what do you need to do today? What is holding you back from doing it? What is drawing you to the kryptonite couch? Figure it out. And now get busy today, right now, creating the authorpreneurship lifestyle you want and deserve. You can do it. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. But you can’t do it from your couch.

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