Book Marketing For Authors Blog 42-Authors Should Speak

Authors Should Speak


Authors should speak. Publishers should speak. Everyone should speak. Hey, here’s the deal. With the power of the pen, all of us writers speak. It’s true. That’s what we do through our writing; we speak. However, we have another powerful tool that will boost our self-published books. That tool is our spoken voice. Yes. We can speak a loud everything we’re quietly writing. Writing helps all of us have a voice. And our voice helps all of us indie authors’ writing to be heard loud and clear.

The bottom line is that every one of us should speak. Now, I know that may sound easy coming from someone who is a professional speaker like me. But trust me. Speaking publicly and professionally about what we write about is not as hard or as scary as it looks.

Listen. Educating yourself will take away some of the fear of speaking about what you write about. I’ve created a beginner’s course and an advanced course on speaking for authors at Bookselling University. Click here on Bookselling University to learn more about my author speaking courses, as well as all the other great courses offered there for authorpreneurs, too.

Every one of us should speak because it gives us more credibility. It gives us a better standing in our niche and in our profession. Picture this, you’re a plumber, and you actually write and speak about plumbing. Can you imagine how much you would stand out from the traditional plumber? You would be seen as an expert and probably have more business than you knew what to do with during your day job hours.

In addition, people would click on your website when they needed informational help with their plumbing. They’d probably buy your books, too. And different associations would most likely ask you to sit on their Boards. You would feel a little bit like a mini-celebrity. Kind of cool, huh?

Through speaking about what you do and write about, you’re increasing your exposure and findability. You’re growing your persuasiveness and improving your relationships within your niche. Also, you’re building your courage muscle. And we all need a vibrant courage muscle if we’re going to survive and thrive out there. Come on… we all know it’s a tough world out there, right?

Speaking is another income stream, too. Sound good yet? Yeah… Hey, try this one on for size. Speaking is going to help us sell more books on the net, in the bookstores, and in the back of the room where we speak.

Furthermore, it helps us find higher-quality employees for our day job business if we need them. And it also helps us get more clients for our side-hustle in coaching and consulting. Speaking helps us become better known, builds our network, sell more stuff, and makes us more money. Do you want to learn to speak yet?

Speaking also helps us sharpen our message and fine-tune our marketing, which will help us sell more books in the end. Furthermore, it helps us learn what’s on our audience’s minds out there when they ask questions. Now we have relevant material for follow-up books and services. These are more income streams…

Again, don’t be afraid. You’re an authorpreneur. Just by that alone, it means that you are a brave person. If you are courageous enough to be an authorpreneur, you can speak. Also, if you are an authorpreneur, then you have plenty of great stuff to speak about. And if you do speak about all that great stuff up in your head, then you will also help your authorpreneur business along. It’s a win-win. So, go ahead and give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I think you should speak. All authors should speak. We all already have credibility because we have done something most people what to do; we have written books. Now, people want us to speak. They want to meet us. And they will even pay us to speak and help us sell more books, too.

So, no more procrastinating. Let’s get out there and speak about our books and what we do. And if you want to educate yourself some more on this subject, then take my courses mentioned above and/or read my book, Authors Should Speak.

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