Book Marketing For Authors Blog 57- Making Money through Writing Reviews

Making Money through Writing Reviews


Okay, previously, I talked about launch jacking and shared how I had a buddy that made some good money using this strategy. I also shared how I wasn’t comfortable with the ethics of this strategy. But it was for each self-publishing indie author to decide themselves how to use this knowledge.

Here, I’m going to talk about a near cousin on launch jacking where we still write positive reviews and have our own link on the bottom. But this time, we don’t create a domain name mimicking the influencer. Nor is our link giving us the whole sale. Instead, this time, it’s an affiliate link where if people click on it, and we get just a small part of the sale as an affiliate marketer.

The ethics are much cleaner in this strategy. No one is going to accuse us authorpreneurs of stealing sales through using this strategy. As a matter of fact, they are going to be happy because it’s like we are part of the influencer’s virtual sales team helping him or her sell more books, products, or services. And this time, we’re all being compensated. It’s a win-win, wouldn’t you agree?

So, how does it work? Well, it’s really quite simple. We just simply write a review for an influencer who we really like. Then we contact the influencer and let them know that we love their stuff. We also let them know that we have written a positive review, and now we want to be an affiliate marketer for them. We let them know that we want to help get the word out about how awesome they and their products and services are.

Do you think any influencers are going to say, “NO.”?

Of course not. Anyone and everyone out there is going to be flattered and love the extra help in getting the word out there about their products and services. They are also going to notice us and probably put us on their friend list, or at least their radar. This is a great way to network, wouldn’t you agree?

If you’re going to use this strategy of writing positive reviews to network with the influencers and make some money through affiliate marketing, then let’s make sure we do these reviews right and get all the mileage we can get out of them.

We are going to write a long, thorough, and very thoughtful review. We’re going have to invest some time in this review because we need it to be a long review with lots of emotion weaved in there. We want it to be a long review because that is better for search engine optimization (SEO), or internet findability. And we want it to have lots of emotion because that pulls in the reader and make them more likely to click on our affiliate link on the bottom.

Beware, though, some people will become impatient with a long review. So, on the top, have a quick summary stating that you liked the product or service. Then the reader can make up their own mind whether or not if they have the time to read your entire review or just skip to the bottom and check out the link.

Also, sprinkle in pieces of information about yourself throughout the long review, so the influencer feels that he or she is getting to know you some. This also helps the readers know that you’re a real person. And it will draw them in a little deeper too. Remember, the more engaged the reader is, the more likely that they will click on our affiliate link on the bottom. More clicks mean more business for we authorpreneurs.

Another strategy to engage people is to use a unique image in your positive review. This will also help with SEO. Don’t use the same picture the influencer uses. Spend some time finding your unique image because it could separate you from other reviewers and affiliates and move you up in the Google rankings. And as we all know, most people don’t scroll down past the first page or Google. Heck, most don’t even go below the fold!

Just in case you’re wondering what the fold is, it’s basically the top of a page that is visible on our computer screen. The bottom half, the part under the fold, is not immediately visible. So, even though one may be on the first page of the Google rankings, they still may not be seen because people don’t like to scroll down. So we need to do our best with SEO.

Also, offer a bonus or a coupon at the end of your review if you can. Anytime people are offered something for free, they are more likely to click on the link. And again, more clicks for us means more business for we authorpreneurs, right?

Writing reviews is a winning strategy. So, let’s get out there and write some reviews!

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