Book Marketing For Authors Blog 59- Making Some Money as a Writer

Making Some Money as a Writer


Great news, everyone! No matter who you are or what you do, you can actually write about it. Yup. You can write about what you do, regardless of who you are or where you come from. Every one of us has something to say. And every one of us can make the world a little better of a place if we speak up about what we know through writing about it. This will help others benefit from our life experiences.

So, if you’re a self-published indie author, guess what? You really have no excuse at all for not writing more about what you do and your vast life experiences. I mean, after all, you’ve before, right? Now you just have to write a little bit more…

Now that we have that settled, I want you all to think for a moment about the exchange of money. What is the exchange of money really all about?

Well, the exchange of money is supposed to represent the exchange of value, right? In the old days, I would give you a cow, and you would give me some grain, or something like that. I don’t know exactly how it went, I wasn’t alive back then when all of this bartering was taking place.

But I bet those were some complicated days back then when they only did bartering to exchange value. Eventually, the world came up with money to exchange for value instead. So, now we give something of value, and we get back money. This value exchange is so much easier these days.

Ah… are light bulbs going off yet? I told you above that every one of us has something valuable in our life experiences and in what we have to say about it. And now we can transmit that value through writing about it. Or perhaps you may want to say that we are exchanging the value of our life experiences through our writing for some money… This sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Well, guess what? It is, and all of us can do this!

So, how do we do this? Well, if we really wanted to exchange our writing for money, we could write a blog or articles for others, and they will pay us. This is one way we could exchange money for our writings. Pretty cool, huh?

Another way to make some money for our writing is to use one of the many writing mills out there. These writing mills exist all over the place at all levels. If you’re still kind of nervous about writing for money, don’t worry about it. You can begin at one of the lower level places.

A great place to start would be iWriter. This is a lower level writing mill. A lot of people overseas with English as their second language writing for these kinds of lower-level writing mills. These kinds of places are looking for lots of articles. It’s based a little bit more on quantity over quality here. But, if English is your first language, and if you have a college degree, I think you’ll be golden here, and you’ll be able to quickly more up. Check out their site:

A good thing about iWriter is that we can get some experience writing for money. This is a great way to build our resume and confidence. We can also work out way up in the writing mill world to higher and higher quality writing mills where we’ll get paid more per article.

After we have built our resume and some confidence, we can approach influencers that we like and ask to write blogs for them. It’s possible to get paid $35 for a single blog to start and work our way up. I know some people who are already making $85 for each blog they write for someone else. Imagine becoming proficient enough to pull this off in one hour. Making $85 an hour to write blogs would be pretty cool, don’t you agree? This would be another great income stream for us authorpreneurs.

Another exciting trend in writing to make money is the shorter eBook series that are being utilized now. You see, this authoring game used to be all about putting in two painstaking years of laboring over writing a masterpiece book, or the next great American novel. These books would be 300+ pages and literally take years to produce. Nowadays, some authors have taken a more novel approach of just writing shorter eBooks.

Let me explain how this works in a nutshell. Some authors are taking those 300+ page books and breaking them down to a series of eBooks. Instead of spending two years to write their book, they are popping off a trilogy of eBooks that are of the same content, but just 100 pages each. Some are even breaking it down to a five-book series that are around 70 pages each.

Now, instead of laboring for two years and ending up with only one product to create one income stream, some authors could have three to five products for three to five income streams. The first income stream for their writing can actually start within a few months instead of a couple of years. This is an innovative modern-day tactic of how to write for money. And some writers are making really good use of it.

Okay, here’s another interesting way of making money through our writing. Some authorprenuers have learned that they sometimes make more money through copywriting than the writing of their books. Some have said they wished they learned copywriting first and then novel writing second.

Think about this for a moment. If we learn how to do copywriting and become proficient at writing in a way that convinces people to buy things, then we’ll be able to get them to buy more of our written informational products.

In addition, others will also hire us to do copywriting for them, too. If we can figure out how to write or copywrite in a way that sells, we are always going to have work. There will always be people who will hire us to help them sell their products with the power of our pen, or maybe I should say keyboard. Good copywriters are paid very good money. We shouldn’t overlook this avenue of writing for money.

Hey, to sum it up, there are lots of other ways to make money from writing. We could write a blog of our own and do paid ads. We could also ghostwrite for someone else. There are so many ways to write for money. The key here is to not limit ourselves to just one way of making money through writing.

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