Book Marketing For Authors Blog 74- How to get Paid

How to get Paid


Part of getting paid is being able to take other people’s money. Yeah, I bet I have your head swirling right now, huh? Okay, this isn’t a nefarious as it sounds. Let me explain what I mean by being able to take other people’s money.

When I talk about taking other people’s money, I really mean having some kind of ability to process their payment(s) for our products and services. So, with that said, a very easy way to get paid is to just send them to Amazon to buy our book.

Amazon can take care of them, paying for our book, then send us the royalty check later. This is a very simple and good way to do business. However, for some people, it may not always be the best way to do business.

For example, when people come asking us for our book, and we send them to Amazon, they now have to take a second step to buy our book. They may not want to take a second step to get our book.

Also, their decision to buy our book might have been spontaneous. They might want our book this very second. And if they have to wait, and then go somewhere else to get it, that spontaneous purchasing feeling may vanish before they get to Amazon.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Amazon is better than nothing. And it’s still an excellent place for us self-publishing indie authors, or beginners to start. As a matter of fact, all of us should have a presence there. But, some of us more seasoned authorpreneurs have figured other ways, beyond Amazon, for people to pay us that will not only get us their purchase sooner but will also give us a higher percentage of the sale.

Higher percentages of the sale equal more money. And more money is a good thing for us authorpreneurs, wouldn’t you agree?

Another easy way to get paid for our products and services is through PayPal. PayPal is a nice easy professional-looking service that will allow us and our customers to exchange products for payment. And it’s done right over our phones. This form of electronics via our phones will impress some people and make us look more business-like.

And PayPal is also easy to do. Just click on the PayPal link I put up above and open up an account. Then when you’re out in public selling your book, just have your prospects get on their phone, go on their PayPal account, and send you payment for your book. It’s simple. It’s cool. It’s easy. It’s professional. And it’s modern-day.

Another professional third-party application we can use to collect payment for our goods and services is the good old fashion credit cards. We can quickly put a credit card app onto our phones. And while we’re out there in the public selling our books, people can just hand us their credit cards. And then we can quickly and easily swipe them through our phones. This is easy, it builds trust, and it looks professional.

You see, any time that we are asking people to hand over their money, we have to look professional. There has to be some level of trust between the buyer and seller, or there won’t be any sales going on. And professionalism, or at least the look of professionalism adds to that trust felt between the buyer and seller.

Third parties like Amazon, PayPal, ClickBank, Fiverr, a shopping cart on our website, or our phones swiping credit cards give us an air of professionalism. It also helps people trust us more. Because now they know that there is a possibility that they can go to the third party in our transaction and get their money back if they feel they’ve been swindled. These third-party companies also give them a piece of mind that no one will be trying to hack into their accounts and misuse or misappropriate their funds.

Bottom line: Business is built of trust and professionalism.

Our goal as authorpreneurs is to be able to sell our products and services to anyone and everyone out there who they will help. Making things easy for people to spontaneously buy our books is something we want to do. We don’t want to lose sales because we have no way of taking people’s money. So, let figure out a way to take people’s money in an honest, trustworthy way.

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