Book Marketing For Authors Blog 76- Turning Your Weaknesses into Your Strengths

Turning Your Weaknesses into Your Strengths


I know most of us self-published indie authors don’t have to deal with the downfall of not having any flaws or weaknesses. Remember, people don’t like perfect people. Flawless people are not relatable to most of us. And that’s a good thing because I have a lot of weaknesses. And I imagine you do, too. Although, I guess I can’t speak for all of you. Maybe some of you are perfect, but I know that I’m not, and that’s actually a hidden strength.

However, even though our weaknesses are what make us human, relatable, and likable, we also have to remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And the last thing we want is for our authorpreneurship business to be pulling on us and for our weakest link to give way and break us.

We’ll never be perfect. But, regardless, we should identify some weaknesses that we have and slowly work on strengthening them one at a time. Tiny bites here, my friend.

For example, let me tell you a quick story here. My day job is teaching. I teach, I share, and I build relationships. My background doesn’t consist of a business or marketing degree. I didn’t grow up in that world. And when I became a young adult, I found myself first in the coaching wrestling and football world. And then the teaching high school world. I’m a coach and teacher by trade. My authorpreneurship business is my side-hustle.

This is good and bad for a myriad of reasons that I don’t have time here to explain. But, I will stress a few things here. Because of how I grew up, and how I got into the coaching and teaching world first as a young adult, I often find myself struggling in the business and marketing world with how to sell my books.

Heck, sometimes I think it’s amazing that a guy like me was even able to write a book. There were a lot of weaknesses there I had to overcome to become an author. But I did overcome then. And I opened up a whole other cool world of being an author.

And now, knowing what I know now. It’s not a huge leap from being a coach and/or educator who teaches in front of a group of kids sometimes through a book to one who also teachers people better ways through writing a book. And sharing their knowledge this additional way.

Now, going from just a coach and teacher to being proficient in business and marketing is a much bigger leap. But… with the small jump, I took to becoming an author and speaker, now the jump to the business and marketing world seems much smaller. It now seems more rational to make that leap. It doesn’t seem so far away anymore.

And that’s something I’ve done. I’ve taken that leap of faith. However, in this newer world of business and marketing, I have many weaknesses. In fact, I have way too many to mention here. I’m sure I have a lot of weaknesses that I’m not even competent enough to even recognize that I have them.

However, one weakness that I do now I have in the business and marketing world is copywriting. At least I recognize this one, right?

But, it’s a pretty bad weakness to have in our authorpreneurship business world. As authorpreneurs, we have to persuade people to buy our products and services. That’s a very hard thing to do. And that’s exactly what a good copywriter does. If we don’t know copywriting, we’re not doing all we can to sell our books and services. Copywriting is a bad weakness to have. And I have it, and so do most you.

So, what are we going to do about it?

Well, I’ll tell you right now what we authorpreneurs are going to do about it. We’re going to learn it. We’re going to get good enough at copywriting, so we turn this weakness into a strength. We’re going to get proficient enough at this skill so that people will ask us to do some of their copywriting for them. And then we’ll have another income stream for our authorpreneur business.

What are your weaknesses? Could it be email marketing? Are you depending on too many of services-done-for-you? Are you spending a lot of money getting other people to do things for you? What else are you struggling with?

Hey, the bottom line is that with anything we are struggling with, there are others out there too who are also struggling with it.

So, don’t look at your weakness and think less of yourself or your authorpreneurship business. Instead, look at your weakness as an opportunity. You have now pinpointed something you can learn more about and turn into a strength. And when you become strong enough at that particular thing, your business will do better, and there is a whole built-in market out there that will pay you to help them. BAM! You have just created more and better income streams!

Pretty cool, huh?

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