Book Marketing For Authors Blog 85- Creating Value so People want to do Business with Us

Creating Value so People want to do Business with Us


I’ve always preached how we should always be kinder than we need to be. Being kinder than we have to be makes it so that others want to be around us, my self-publishing indie authors. Sometimes, the world is lacking in kindness; I think we all know that the world can be a big, mean place sometimes. Sometimes it’s even cruel. Every one of us can use a kind, helping-hand from time to time. And when we meet someone that is that kind, helping-hand, we want to keep them around. They enrichen our lives. And make this world a better place.

This simple, humane behavior is another great way to build our authorpreneurship business. Having people around us because they really want to be around us is excellent for business. After all, people do business with others who they know, like and trust, right?

Our people who love our kindness, and helpfulness, will use word-of-mouth to tell others about us. They will make a great joint venture (JV) partners. Good affiliate partners. And they will also buy our products and services, and introduce us to others, causing our network to expand.

It’s a win-win all over, wouldn’t you agree? Furthermore, living in this kinder world makes our authorpreneur journey a better one, too, huh.

However, we can’t wait for this better, kinder, and a more business-friendly world to come to us. We have to go to it by creating it. I’m sure that we all have heard of that old saying by Gandhi to be the change we want to see in the world.

Another great way to add value, so people want to do business with you is to find people a little higher up the mountain than yourself and do a testimony for them. Comment on their social media posts, do Amazon reviews for them. Even do a Youtube video testimony for them. Then put that testimony on their Amazon review page and social media pages.

Influencers love it when someone does testimonies for them, especially video ones. This is a great way for the influencer to gain more exposure and spread the world of what they do. The movers and shakers are also going to take notice of you if you give them a testimony before you ask them for anything else.

Think about this for a moment. The majority of the people who reach out to them want something from them. And guess what? These influencers are really busy. Someone asking them to do additional things during their hectic day that doesn’t benefit them in any way is stressful for them.

It’s no wonder why most mini-celebrities ignore these requests from others that only add to their workload and doesn’t benefit them in any way.

But then we authorpreneurs come along and add value to their lives. We do this without asking for anything in return by providing them with a testimony all on our own; no strings attached. No wonder why this sort of thing catches their attention and puts us on their radar.

Trust me, they do notice this. And they may be too busy to return the favor right now, but someday down the road, they’ll remember, and when the time is right, they’ll reach out and ask if we want to do some business together… This happens all the time. But the trick is to provide value first.

On the other side of this coin, be creative, too. Listen, I know you already are innovative because you’re an authorpreneur. Authorpreneurs are creative by nature. So, just continue being creative and doing the work to create new projects. Then invite people who are a little higher up the mountain than yourself to be part of this innovative project if they want to be.

Many will be grateful that you have already done the work and were really creative, too, in forming this new cool project. Being part of it will make them feel innovative and cutting edge, if not to themselves, then at least to their own audience. A lot of people that wouldn’t have reached out to us first will be glad to be part of our project. They also will be quicker to offer us other opportunities in the future.

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