Book Marketing For Authors Blog 89- Creating Offers

Creating Offers


Hey, my self-publishing indie authors, do you want to take the next step to become a real authorpreneur?

Of course, you do, right?

Okay! This is what you do. You get better at creating offers. Too many of us just put our books and services out without a good offer. Or, if we do, it’s usually not as good an offer as possible.

The result ends up being a few of our friends and family pat us self-publishing authors on the back and think we’re pretty cool. But, deep down inside, we’re in turmoil because with the pat on the back should come sales too, right? Sales are few and far between, so we’re a bit confused and even torn. It’s not adding up the way it should to us.

However, great authorpreneurs know we have to do more than write a great book. We have to also have great offers to go along with our great books and services.

So how do we get better at making offers for our products and services? Well, we need to look for exemplars of great offers that are already out there that we can learn from

And guess who has fantastic examples of some of the best offers out there?

Get ready. Here it comes. Infomercials are actually the Holy Grail on great offers to the public for products and services. We need to begin paying more attention to what infomercials are doing. We should reverse engineer them. And do more of what they do with our own offers.

Infomercials have tons of science that go into each and every offer. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on just their testing of their offers. They have done their homework! And paid a lot of money to do it. We should be tapping into that.

So the next time you have trouble sleeping late at night and your channel surfing comes across an infomercial, don’t be so quick to click off of it. You’re already awake. You’re already on the channel anyway. You might as well watch some of the Golden Grail of offer-making and learn something that will benefit yourself and the people you serve.

Look for patterns. What do the infomercials have in common? Now let’s use some of that stuff in our own offers for our books and services, my authorpreneurs.

Now that we know more about infomercials, let’s do a better job mimicking what they do with our own direct marketing through our emails, YouTube videos, and websites. If we have been paying attention, we’re aware that all infomercials solve problems. So, guess what we have to now pay extra close attention to with our own direct marketing efforts, or maybe I should say offers?

Yup. You got it. You’re a quick study. We authorpreneurs have to solve problems with our offers for our products and services. If we don’t solve some kind of problem people are having, then we’re probably not going to be able to move a lot of product.

And if we can simplify our solution, so even a four-year-old will think it makes sense, then we’ll move more product than we ever dreamed of.

The next part of the equation that all infomercials offer is added value through a bonus offer or even multiple bonuses. As if solving the problem wasn’t enough…? They’re giving us even more value… Can you believe it?

You better believe it. If you want to make better offers, you need to begin attaching bonuses to your problem-solving offers.

Now, let’s get to the final offer. If you have been studying your infomercials, you’ll see that many of them have used the strategy of impulse buying. Keeping your final offer’s price at $19.99 or less will trigger that impulse buy in people because they don’t feel like they are risking too much.

And if you can offer your product or service for even cheaper, like under $10, that’s even better. You’ll get even more impulse buys that will help you build your brand even faster. Then later, when they are in your sales funnel, and a relationship has formed, you can offer the bigger-ticket items that will give you a lot more profit.

So, what are you doing tonight? Are you watching another infomercial?

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