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Dan Blanchard- award-winning author, speaker, and educator

Although I admit this is probably one of my Granddaddy’s simpler secrets of success, I also have to admit that this simple secret of success is hard for me. Why do I consistently struggle with such a simple thing like calling people by their names? Maybe it’s because it’s so simple to do it that it’s also so simple not to do it.

What is it about calling people by their names that is so special? What makes this behavior one of Granddaddy’s Secrets of Success? Well, let’s think about this for a moment. Think back to the last time someone called you by your name. You liked it, didn’t you? I’m willing to bet that your name sounded like music to your ears.

Calling people by their names shows your fellow human beings that you care enough about them to invest your time and energy in them. Now throw in that whole thing from above about the melody of their name dancing in their eardrums as sweet music, and everything is all good now, and you might even be developing a new friendship!

Now, if I could just discipline myself to stop being too busy to invest a little more of my precious time into the things that really matter, like this precious little Secret of Success of calling people by their names, this secret is sitting right under all of our noses, but most of us rarely notice it. We all have to do better!

Take the time to call people by their names, and they may take the time to think well of you. And with some extra goodwill on your side, who knows what positive things could happen next! Calling people by their names is a very simple Secret of Success but also a very profound Secret of Success! Don’t play around or underestimate this one; just Do It!

Now, please share with us how you plan to use the secret of success of Calling People By Their Names.


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Daniel Blanchard

Author of Granddaddy’s Secrets series