Daniel Blanchard’s Interview of Author Wayne English!

 Wayne English founded and owns Web Content Rx, LLC. His first book, Web Content Rx, A Quick and Handy guide for Writes, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People, is a Top 5 business title in leadership books at The Washington Post. Wayne also speaks at high schools on how to find a job, do resumes and cover letters, conducts mock interviews, and much more.




  • Wayne, did you always know that you wanted to serve others and help today’s youth?

No, I   worked in technology for most of my career. Working with young people and businesses began in 2008.

  • Can you walk us through how you first got started in your career path?

I began in electric distribution, then nuclear engineering, and Information Technology. Today, I work with small business. I love computers, the web, writing, and working with people. To combine it all, I write about and speak on writing for the web, writing books, social networking, how to get a job, and on business websites. Public speaking is great fun. What I do now combines all those things.

  • How did you handle the bumps in the road? Were there any moments when you wondered if all your hard work was worth it?

Of course! And yes, it was worth all the hard work. As to bumps in the road, well I handled them as best I could. As I got more and more ‘bumps’ behind me they got easier to handle.

  • I’m wondering if you can help us understand what you attribute your success to.

My success is due to the ability to just keep going. No secret sauce; no magic.

  • What do teens need today more than anything else?

Great question. In the last couple months I volunteered at my local high school to lecture on how to get a job and also did mock interviews with seniors. One student thanked me, shook my hand, and said my lecture meant a lot because he does not know what he’s going to do. Teen’s today need what teens always needed: to know that everything will work out, and to surround themselves with people who support and care about them.

  • What would you tell a teen who was struggling?

Struggling is just part of life. It is far better to struggle than to live a life without it. Struggling makes you strong, tough, smart, mature, and capable. Don’t hide from your problems, or seek comfort with drugs or alcohol. You’re smarter than that.

  • Wayne, what else do you want to tell us about what you do and what you want to eventually be doing?

What I do is work with small businesses. Being able to share my expertise is rewarding and an asset to my clients. Working at the intersection of technology and art, things like writing, speaking, and web design is very rewarding. Eventually, I want to write novels and lecture more.

  • Can you please share with all of us something else that I should have asked you?

What’s the best advice I ever got? “Follow-up ruthlessly.” Want a job? When you get a lead, chase it.


How can people get in touch with you if they have additional questions?

You can email me at WayneAEnglish@Charter.net


Thanks for your time Wayne and keep up the good work! Our youth needs more people like you!

Daniel Blanchard

Author and Speaker of the Granddaddy’s Secrets teen leadership book series.


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