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Dear Granddaddy, why are teachers going on strike? Leo T. – concerned citizen

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Leo, thanks for taking your valuable time to ask about this very important matter. What’s happening in our schools across the country is not obvious to people who don’t work inside the educational system. They don’t see the struggles educators face during the school day educating youth. Nor do many see the struggles our educators live with after school at a second or third job.

Some say we’re the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, however, we severely underfund education. Many of our educational buildings are deplorable, schools are understaffed, supplies are extremely limited, kids’ needs aren’t being met, and some schools are simply unsafe.

In addition, when someone invests over $100,000 and six-years of their life just to get into their profession, it doesn’t make sense that their professional income forces them to get part-time jobs. This is even more objectionable in light of the many hours educators already spend after work grading papers and preparing lesson plans. A high percentage of teachers have part-time jobs, and even with these additional jobs, many still aren’t financially making it. Way too many teachers receive food stamps. There is something very wrong here.

Now when considering the information shared here, people are probably wondering what took teachers across this country so long to strike? Well, unions have given teachers other ways to voice their concerns, and most teachers tend to be mediators rather than fighters. Also, in some states, is it illegal for teachers to strike… Imagine that: teachers striking is illegal! It sounds almost un-American…

In closing, Leo, I realize that many people aren’t fully aware of what has been going on in our country, so it’s only natural for them to wonder why teachers are striking. Now you know why. And something else you should know is that the last thing teachers want to do is strike. What teachers really want to do is make a difference in a child’s life through some excellent teaching. So let’s help our nation’s teachers make that difference.

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