DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #68

Dear Granddaddy, what do you regret doing in high school? Alan- student.

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Well, Alan, I think if I really thought my high school years through, I’d probably regret several dumb things I did. I imagine most of us would. That’s just how life goes for most of us. We all do dumb things.

But what really jump out at me from your question of high school regrets are the regrets I have of the things I didn’t do, rather than the few dumb things I did do. I regret missing out on things that I should have done.

I regret not knowing and not understanding that high school really wasn’t that hard. I didn’t know that high school was easy back then. I didn’t realize when I was a student, that there were people all around me who would help if I just asked them.

Today, as a teacher, I understand that high school is easy. One only has to do a few things and he or she will do okay… I just wish I had realized this when I was the younger version of myself…

Piggybacking on that realization, I also regret that I didn’t get better grades. I worked very hard at sports and excelled because of that great effort. I did not work hard in the classroom, and as a result, I got the C’s that I deserved, and acquired less knowledge, skills, and confidence than I could have during my high school years.

Speaking of confidence, I also regret not knowing my true self-worth. I remember many times not feeling good enough about myself to speak up when I probably should have. Rarely would I ask a girl out on a date, either. I feared and hated rejection. You see, we’re all good enough in high school, but sadly, many of us often don’t realize this until much later in our lives…if ever.

So, Alan, in closing I’d say to balance your fun and academics with some confidence and kindness, and you should have a pretty good high school career with fewer regrets than many of us.

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