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It’s the bottom of the 9th. Bases are loaded. Two outs. Up by one, and the pitcher looks worn out. The manager signals the bullpen. The door swings opens and a pitcher trots out towards the mound to the chant of, “Here comes old reliable.” We know exactly what this person is going to do. He or she is going to get us out of this jam by getting that third out. Yah!

We all admire someone with the strong and consistent skills to be a true game changer. We all would love to be the kind of person that can really make things happen. However, this peak seems so far away to most of us. Yet, somehow, we still quite frequently see star players sitting up on that peak that we all want to be on. How do they do that?

Well, to start off, star players are not just sitting immobile up on that peak. Star players are probably doing what they have always done. They have always worked really hard, every day, to get to that peak. And now that they are up there, they are not just lazily sitting there. But, rather, they continue to work really hard every day to maintain that special peak performance because they are supposed to! That’s right! They are supposed to. The great ones, the ones that look like they don’t need the extra work, do what they are supposed to do (extra) when they are supposed to do it (every day), even when they don’t feel like doing it!

Do they always love the extra work that is sometimes tedious? No. But they do it anyways!

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use Granddaddy’s secret of,  ”Doing what you’re supposed to do!”


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Daniel Blanchard

Author of the Granddaddy’s Secrets book series