Even Failed Effort Produces Muscle!

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Today, a friend of mine, expressed how sore her legs were after a recent workout. As a joke, I asked her if she wanted me to help her walk up the stairs. She replied with a painful laugh that climbing up the stairs wasn’t the problem. It was coming down the stairs that really hurt.

Her comment about coming down the stairs being more painful reminded me of my old workout days. When my workout buddies and I really wanted to shock our muscles into some new growth, we would focus on the controlled, slow lowering of the weights after they had just been hoisted up. This advance technique of weight lifters is called negative reps. Negative reps cause muscle failure.

This little story above about muscle failure and failed effort has much wider reaching powers than the typical gym rat. You see, it’s not just the fitness world that has this phenomenon of slow descents, negative reps, and failed efforts that are producing bigger, and stronger muscles. In life, our failed efforts produce larger courage muscles. These bigger and stronger courage muscles produce more human capabilities that continue to grow with each future failed effort, into more and more human capacity.

Listen, we all know the world is filled with everyday people that would like to try to avoid failed effort. And for the most part you can’t blame them. However, every once in a while someone will pass through our lives who catches our attention. We can’t help but notice that there is something different about this particular person. Is it their broader shoulders and firmer arms? Or is it the presence of confidence and determination? Either way, I’m sure what produces standout qualities in these special people, is a lot of failed effort, negative reps, and many descents when they would rather have been climbing up.

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use Granddaddy’s secret of,  ”Even Failed Effort Produces Muscle!”


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