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Fathers come in all shapes and sizes and have many beliefs on what being a good father is all about. Unfortunately, many times these dads’ ideas are a bit outdated. However, regardless of their philosophy on parenting may seem, our youth who have fathers need to be grateful that they at least have fathers. Some don’t.

So, if you have a dad, be grateful even if he does act in ways that you may not understand. I can speak to this point first-hand. The other day I was at my son’s basketball game cheering loudly. To my surprise he gave me a couple of embarrassed looks from the court. I was confused. Isn’t that what fathers are supposed to do; yell for their kids?

Well, on the drive home you can guess what happened. My family told me that I should just watch his next basketball game without all the yelling. I couldn’t help but think that a father is supposed to yell for his kids. And at least I didn’t yell out for him in the obnoxious ways that my father used to yell out to me.

And then it hit me… Although, I am still certain that my father was wrong for the way that he yelled out; I can at least now see that I am glad that he did support me. Someday my son too will be grateful that his dad yelled out for him. However, it will probably take many more years, and could even go as far as to when he is finally yelling out for his kid before it sinks in like it has just sunk into me.

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use Granddaddy’s secret about FATHERS.


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