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We all have a purpose! Every one of us dreams with a purpose about something, or at least we used to purposely dream about something. Contemplate this: What if those old important and purposeful dreams could come alive again? What if we could breathe some new life back into our dreams and ourselves? Here is the good news… we can!

Dust off those cobwebs. Let’s allow our dreams and purpose in life to run through our imaginations again. One way to get our dreams going again and to feel that our life has a purpose is to build some quiet time into our daily schedule so our minds can work the way they were meant to operate; focused on possibilities.

Once we get our creative juices flowing again, we then need to have the discipline to write down these dreams, regardless of how far-fetched they may seem. There is just something about writing dreams down that makes them more real than when they are just running wildly through our minds,— or worse yet, dormant and buried somewhere deep in our heads.

Next, let’s write down the tiny steps we can take in making our dreams a reality. If we can do one tiny thing every day to move closer to our dreams then we have made some real progress, no matter how small. In addition to just writing down our dreams, we also need to write down some kind of deadlines for these small but very important human actions that we’re taken.

Remember, our dreams and purpose in life will only come to us at their natural pace, not ours. So it’s important that we only put deadlines on our human actions and not our dreams, or we may just inadvertently kill off our dreams when they don’t happen at the exact moment that we want them to come to fruition.

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use Granddaddy’s secret of,  ”Great Minds Have Purposes!”


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