How to Be a Paid Professional Speaker Blog #19

Follow-Up Fundamentals: Securing Future Speaking Gigs


In the world of professional speaking, the art of securing future gigs doesn’t just end with a captivating performance on stage. It extends far beyond, into the realm of strategic follow-up. As a speaker, your post-event actions are just as crucial as your on-stage presence. Here are some follow-up fundamentals to help you secure future speaking engagements:

  1. Timely Thank-You Notes: Send personalized thank-you notes to event organizers and attendees promptly after your presentation. Express your gratitude for the opportunity and highlight key takeaways from your talk.
  2. Provide Value: Follow up with additional resources, such as slides, articles, or exclusive content related to your presentation. This demonstrates your commitment to adding value and reinforces your expertise in the subject matter.
  3. Stay Connected: Keep the lines of communication open by connecting with event organizers and attendees on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. Engage with their posts and share relevant content to stay top-of-mind.
  4. Request Feedback: Solicit feedback from event organizers and attendees to understand what resonated most and areas for improvement. Use this valuable insight to refine your future presentations.
  5. Follow-Up Meetings: If appropriate, suggest follow-up meetings or consultations to dive deeper into topics discussed during your presentation. This positions you as a trusted resource and increases the likelihood of securing repeat engagements.

By mastering these follow-up fundamentals, you’ll not only leave a lasting impression but also lay the groundwork for securing future speaking gigs. Remember, it’s not just about the performance on stage; it’s about the relationships you build and nurture afterward.

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